Bug Sweeping & Counter Surveillance

Eam provides counter surveillance and bug sweeping services for private and corporate requirements, Our staff can offer discreet and confidential bug sweeping and counter surveillance services (technical surveillance counter-measures) to individuals who suspect they are being spied-on, or want to ensure their privacy is maintained. The ever increasing availability of audio and video bugs available on the market from high street shops and the internet make it relatively easy for someone to spy on you and listen in to your conversations and in the case of video bugs, actually see what you are doing in the privacy of your own home. Advances in technology have resulted the availability of cheap audio and video bugs that can transmit your private information to anyone who wishes, anywhere in the world. These advanced bugs can be disguised or hidden out of sight, and a counter surveillance operation or bug sweep carried out by a specially trained Private Investigator is effectively the only way to locate these devices and remove them. These bugs often come disguised as household objects, or are cleverly built into something you may already own. Small listening bugs can even be placed under furniture, inside electrical equipment, inside walls or under floorboards. Bugs be hidden inside many objects such as a pen, computer mouse, plug/socket, even in a plant pot.


There are several ways that either a listening bug or video bug can be placed.

Unauthorised entry to your home when you are out
Someone posing as a gas man, electricity reader etc who is actually an agent
Someone who you may think you trust such as a friend, partner or colleague
An object that you have received as a gift or present
Outside the home (various bugs can listen through the walls of your home)
Externally on your telephone line to listen in on your calls.
How will Counter Surveillance and Bug Sweeping work

confidential bug sweeping and counter surveillance services
Bug Sweeping & Counter Surveillance


Ecam will arrange for a Specialist Private Investigator who will have the appropriate electronic counter surveillance and bug sweeping equipment to enable him to scan your home or office and detect the presence of any listening or video bugs or devices. A Private Investigator will visit your home and discreetly locate and remove any devices, and in some cases and at your request, an investigation can be carried out to reverse trace back the individuals that placed the devices.

A full scan of your house by a private Investigator will include the following.

A full electronic scan to 12 GHZ or higher for transmitting bugs A full electronic scan for gsm covert bugs
A full scan and electronic check on your telephone line from inside the home and the cable immediately outside
A visual search carried out by the Private Investigator
A scan on vehicles for electronic bugs and magnetic trackers
People really bugged?
There are many reasons why you may be bugged, or why someone of even a company may be monitoring your private life.

It could be a partner who distrusts you and wants to find personal information about your daily life. It could be your ex partner who you are divorcing who wants some inside information about your actions. It could be a business reason where an individual or company wants to find personal or possibly sensitive information.

There are literally hundreds of different bugs and listening devices on the market together with disguised video bugs and cameras. For more information on the risks of being bugged, please call from and outside line which you won’t suspect of being bugged i.e. payphone etc

Security Assessment

A Security Assessment is an ideal way to evaluate your existing security operations and the first step towards planning security measures at your facility.