Ecam Security offers comprehensive security systems and solutions for gyms, health clubs, and fitness centres. These systems and solutions provide complete access management, real-time monitoring, and reduced liability.

Gyms, health clubs, and fitness facilities are frequently prime targets for accidents, theft and occasionally even violence due to their continual traffic. Suppose you own or run a fitness centre. In that case, a professionally installed security system will not only effectively deter crime and protect you from liability. Moreover, it will also help you make an excellent first impression on potential members and gain the loyalty of your regular customers by reassuring them that their visit to your establishment is secure.

Ecam Security specialises in a broad selection of best-in-class protection systems designed to fulfil any necessary degree of security for fitness facilities. Ecam Security has over 14 years of expertise in installing and maintaining the newest access control management and security camera systems for gyms, health clubs, and fitness facilities.

Gym, health club, and fitness centre security systems
Remote 24/7 access to HD security cameras

Security cameras are the first step towards a fully secure gym. High-resolution security cameras allow you to capture detailed identification images of members' faces as they enter. Along with that modern panoramic cameras help you track everyone's movements inside your facility with 360-degree views, allowing you to use concrete criminal or legal evidence as needed.

Additionally, for after-hours security, many fitness centres are using video cameras. Running a health club or 24-hour gym makes it almost impossible for the owner always to be there. Our cutting-edge collection of network IP security cameras allows you to remotely monitor your company at any time, from anywhere in the globe, thanks to complete mobile connectivity and access via a specialised app.

Systems for access control

Access control systems can identify what door was visited at any given moment, which offers a practical and affordable solution to keep track of visitors and staff. Access control systems benefit gyms looking to expand their competitive offering by operating around the clock. They ensure that only authorised personnel and members are allowed to enter the facility or certain sections, preventing unauthorised visitors during prime times.

For gyms, health clubs, and fitness facilities, typical staff and member door access systems include:
  • Access card systems and key fobs with written passcodes and keypad readers.
  • Smart phones with access control applications
  • Digital locks Systems with integrated turnstiles and barriers

Security Assessment

A Security Assessment is an ideal way to evaluate your existing security operations and the first step towards planning security measures at your facility.

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