Hotels & Hospitality Facilities

Management's ability to keep guests safe without compromising their privacy or negatively affecting their stay is the key to a hotel or hospitality facility's success in terms of security.

Since we know that managing a hotel or other hospitality facility and guaranteeing guest security demands high control for every site, Ecam Security is ready to evaluate your unique security issues and deliver tailored low-voltage security solutions.

SECURITY ACTIONS FOR HOTELS AND HOSPITALITY CENTRES The hotel and hospitality sector prioritises preventative maintenance, establishing staff standards, and maintaining a safe and secure atmosphere. For this reason, it is crucial to incorporate the proper security measures. Having the required security procedures and measures in place is vital to the success of the hotel and hospitality industry since worries about guest safety, unwanted guests, inside and outside thievery, and other issues can affect your capacity to operate. SECURITY SOLUTIONS FOR HOTELS AND HOSPITALITIES Ecam Security provides consultations, planning, installing, and servicing of a wide variety of hotel and hospitality facility security systems and solutions for hotels and hospitality facilities in the United Kingdom. We will provide you with personalised solutions to enhance, improve, or update an existing system after assessing your hotel and hospitality security needs and goals. These solutions may involve one or more of the following possibilities:

  • Card, fob, and APP-based access control systems
  • Systems for audio and video intercoms with a mobile device, tablet, or PC remote control
  • Platforms for wireless interior and outdoor hotel and industry security
  • Systems for monitoring activity using security cameras (CCTV, HD, Wireless/IP, Analog)
  • Controlling a building via electronic locks
  • Access control, notification, and communication systems
  • 365-day surveillance services
Cutting Edge Security Solutions No matter what you're looking for guest and visitor monitoring, emergency response planning, rules enforcement, training, mitigating undesirable behavior, client safety initiatives, real-time feedback, or facility protection, Ecam has safety and security solutions that can offer a thorough security and protection system for your complete peace of mind and the business success of hotels and hospitality facilities.

Security Assessment

A Security Assessment is an ideal way to evaluate your existing security operations and the first step towards planning security measures at your facility.

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