Nonprofit Organizations

Ecam Security offers many cost-efficient, highly effective, and easy-to-implement security solutions tailored to the problems that today's nonprofit facilities must overcome.

No organisation is safe from the threat of criminality today. in particular NGOs. Nonprofit organisations have developed into prime targets for theft and other outside security concerns, including violence, vandalism, and acts of terrorism, due to their hospitable surroundings and political and social stances. Protecting your facilities day and night with the newest security solutions from Ecam Security is the best approach to focus on your purpose while not underestimating security issues.

With more than 14 years of expertise, Ecam Security is a well-known brand in Birmingham City for planning, creating, and implementing security systems for charity organisations. Regardless of the scope of your security requirements, we will collaborate closely with your business to build a security system that includes all the required safeguards to safeguard your facilities, employees, and assets against both expected and unforeseen safety and security challenges.

Nonprofit Organisation Security Systems

Just speak with a few reputable charities in Birmingham. Our cutting-edge security systems provide an integrated range of managed services that are specially customised to NGOs, including intrusion alarms, access control, and video surveillance. Ecam Security will work directly with you at every stage, from installation and training to continuous monitoring, maintenance, and support.

Access Management

One of your nonprofit's most significant security issues is access to the property. With the help of our managed access control system, you can set security rules and regulate access to certain parts of your site, including your premises, by person, day of the week, and hour. You can easily control your system from our user-friendly interface, or you can use our dedicated App to monitor activities from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are. Utilise cutting-edge digital video capabilities to verify alarm incidents and receive fast notifications instantly.

CCTV & Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Our top-notch video surveillance systems offer crucial oversight to guarantee the security of your property, the safety of your employees and guests, and both. In case of a security incident, ongoing operation monitoring will also allow you to access recorded evidence. Utilise your smartphone, PC, or tablet to access live video feeds and remotely or on-site monitor any activity occurring within your facilities.

Intrusion Alarms

Alarm systems add a degree of security to your firm. A tailored burglary alarm system will help secure your assets and workers and give you peace of mind by effectively preventing loss and damage that can be highly expensive and even deadly.

Security Assessment

A Security Assessment is an ideal way to evaluate your existing security operations and the first step towards planning security measures at your facility.

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