Office Security

Using workplace security solutions from Ecam Security, you can have a constant overview of your workspace, enjoy the advantages of completely controlled access management, and boost employee productivity and responsibility.

The ability to remotely monitor and oversee your company's activities at any time should be your top priority as a business owner or office manager. This will allow you to keep your staff and clients secure.

You may accomplish these objectives during and after work hours and reduce the risk of employee theft, burglary, and similar occurrences by developing a solid workplace security strategy that includes a clear behaviour standard supported by a properly installed security system.

Ecam Security specialises in a broad selection of best-in-class security systems to fulfil any necessary degree of office security. Ecam Security is a top-rated, licenced security firm serving all across the United Kingdom for more than a decade.

Security Solution By Ecam Security
Office access control systems

A thorough and effective access control system enables you to know who is present in your workplace in case of theft or emergency while keeping your personnel and corporate assets out of the hands of unwanted visitors, including irate clients and co-workers.

Our current door entry systems offer various options, such as keypads, biometric techniques, access cards or key fobs, and more. In addition, our web-based access control systems will help you remotely monitor and control doors, log entrances and exits, and more from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, as well as get immediate notifications and quickly confirm alarm occurrences.

Surveillance footage

Office security cameras have enhanced productivity since workers who know their surroundings work harder and are less likely to steal or engage in illegal activity.

Long-term data storage solutions support our extensive selection of security cameras and surveillance systems. They will enable you to collect visual documentation and maintain liability protection by allowing you to record, store, and view HD-quality video footage.

Office Burglar Alarm Systems

An alarm system will deter prospective thieves from acting. It can range from standalone door and window contacts, glass break detectors, and motion detection sensors for small workplaces to fully integrated burglar alarms, security cameras, and access control systems for significant office buildings. Office burglar alarm systems are one of the most practical methods to secure your business by preventing trespassers and criminals from entering. They are also an excellent upgrade of the other elements of office security.

Intercom systems for offices

You can screen guests, keep an eye on traffic, and protect your workplace and employees with the aid of our extensive selection of office intercom systems. The most recent technologies are used in our systems, including video intercom systems, remote-controlled intercom systems, wireless or wired intercom, intercom with apps, and more.

Intercom and access control system integration also enables remote doorbell ringing, visitor identification, and door unlocking.

Digital Locks

Electronic locks are a great and affordable security option since they replace keys and provide extra automation capabilities like remote locking or unlocking directly from your smartphone.


Are you interested in updating the security policies and practices at your business? Our security professionals can assist you in choosing the most appropriate and cost-effective office security system that will fit your company's unique demands and specifications.

Security Assessment

A Security Assessment is an ideal way to evaluate your existing security operations and the first step towards planning security measures at your facility.

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