Preserving History with Advanced Security

Ecam’s Installation at St. John’s House Chapel

Preserving History with Advanced Security


St. John’s House Chapel, a magnificent Grade 2 listed building constructed in 1892, stands as a testament to architectural heritage and cultural significance. Recognizing the importance of safeguarding this historical treasure, Ecam, a renowned security solutions provider, was entrusted with the task of installing a comprehensive security integrated system. This blog post highlights Ecam’s successful endeavour to protect St. John’s House Chapel, with a particular focus on the 16 x 3K resolution CCTV system, 8 x access control points, 2 x video intercom systems at each gate entrance, and a complete wireless intruder alarm with remote monitoring capabilities at the alarm receiving centre.

Preserving the Aesthetics with a 3K Resolution CCTV System

Ecam’s installation at St. John’s House Chapel boasts a state-of-the-art 16 x 3K resolution CCTV system. The choice of a slightly lower resolution than the standard 4K is intentional, ensuring that the architectural beauty of the chapel remains uncompromised. The 3K resolution cameras provide high-quality video footage while minimizing the visual impact on the historic building. This balanced approach allows for efficient surveillance without compromising the aesthetics and integrity of St. John’s House Chapel, preserving its charm for generations to come.

Securing Access Points with Access Control

To regulate access within the premises, Ecam deployed eight access control points at St. John’s House Chapel. These access control systems act as digital gatekeepers, granting entry only to authorized individuals. By restricting access to sensitive areas and monitoring visitor flow, the security personnel can ensure the protection of valuable artefacts and historical elements. The implementation of access control points strengthens St. John’s House Chapel’s security infrastructure, providing a vital layer of protection while respecting the historical significance of the building.

Enhancing Gate Security with Video Intercom Systems

Ecam’s solution includes the installation of two video intercom systems at each gate entrance of St. John’s House Chapel. These video intercoms enable secure and efficient communication between visitors and the security personnel. By incorporating video capabilities into the intercom systems, the security team can visually verify the identity of individuals seeking entry, adding an extra layer of scrutiny. This seamless integration ensures that only authorized individuals gain access to the chapel, preserving the sanctity of the historical site.

Robust Wireless Intruder Alarm with Remote Monitoring

To combat potential threats, Ecam implemented a comprehensive wireless intruder alarm system at St. John’s House Chapel. This cutting-edge alarm system utilizes wireless technology, eliminating the need for extensive cabling that could potentially damage the chapel’s structure. The remote monitoring capabilities of the alarm system provide real-time updates to the alarm receiving centre, enabling swift response and intervention in case of any security breaches. This advanced solution ensures the safety of St. John’s House Chapel while minimizing any adverse impact on its historical fabric.

Preserving Heritage, Ensuring Security

The successful installation of Ecam’s security integrated system at St. John’s House Chapel demonstrates a commitment to preserving history while ensuring the highest standards of security. The careful selection of a 3K resolution CCTV system, the deployment of access control points, video intercom systems at gate entrances, and the robust wireless intruder alarm with remote monitoring all contribute to the comprehensive protection of this historic landmark. By employing modern security technologies that respect architectural integrity, Ecam has created a solution that provides both security and peace of mind, allowing St. John’s House Chapel to continue enchanting visitors for years to come.


Ecam’s installation of a security-integrated system at St. John’s House Chapel showcases the successful marriage of historical preservation and advanced security solutions. The deployment of a 16 x 3K cameras resolution CCTV system, along with the installation of access control points, video intercom systems, and a wireless intruder alarm, demonstrates Ecam’s dedication to preserving the architectural integrity of this Grade 2 listed chapel while ensuring its security.

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