Support and Maintenance

At The End Of The Day, Even The Best Security Systems Are Only As Effective As The People Who Operate Them.

For this reason, once your security system is fully installed, our security professionals will continue to work with you to maximize your security readiness and to ensure that you utilize the full capabilities of your security system- right up to the moment you and your staff are completely comfortable using it.

Our Comprehensive Training Services Include:
  • Functionality Training – Assuring you fully understand the technical and practical functionality of your security system and how to run it correctly and efficiently
  • Feature Training – Allowing you to maximize your system’s performance potential
  • System health monitoring and software update – Learn to follow automated health status monitoring of all critical system functions

Ecam Security will provide you and your team with security system training on-site at your physical location, through online tutorials and/or over-the-phone guidance from our support department.


Providing professional end-user training will instill employee confidence, competency, and compliance, help them fully understand how to administer a security system, and allow a smooth implementation of even the most advanced security technologies at your business or building.

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